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System Architect

Unitrin Financial Indemnity - Software Developer

Unitrin Financial Indemnity
Woodland Hills, CA

2002-09 to 2003-06

Responsibilities: Develop multi-threaded C++ TCP/IP server on AIX UNIX; develop Windows NT2000 DLL libraries (MS C++) to integrate claims application (MS Visual Basic) with TCP/IP interface on AIX server; design and develop custom search GUI as a DLL library (MS C++) to integrate with claims application; design and develop DLL library (MS C++) to access Oracle 8x database; organize installation of all custom integration components.

Big Dan Importing - System Architect / System Administrator

Big Dan Importing
(sporting goods importer)
Garden Grove, CA

2001-08 to 2002-05

Responsibilities: Infrastructure planning; LAN, WAN, phone system and office systems; install LAN wiring; install and configure LAN hardware; install and configure DSL connectivity; setup network printer; configure PCs for LAN access; train to staff for network support.

Action Online Entertainment - Director of Application Development/System Architect/Lead Java Developer

Action Online Entertainment
Long Beach, CA

2000-12 to 2001-06

Responsibilities: Design overall software and system architecture; UNIX system administration for all SUN Solaris servers and LINUX servers; install and configur BEA Weblogic Server and Commerce Server; integrate java based vendor gaming software; convert java gaming events and enter them into Oracle 8i database; write project plans; manage and lead project teams; train new hires. - Chief Technical Officer
Santa Monica, CA

2000-02 to 2000-09

Responsibilities: Deployment of E-Commerce website (Sun Solaris, Apache, MySQL, Perl/CGI); internet connectivity; hiring technical staff and consultants; database, content and software design, development and testing; managing project teams; budget projections; LAN support; hands-on technical guidance to staff.